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Graphite on paper
36cm diameter (52x52cm framed)
2013 - ongoing

This ongoing, occasional series of circular drawings presents views of insect specimens, as observed through a microscope: the compound eye of a locust; the fore-legs of a praying mantis; amber inclusions; the shed exoskeletons (exuviae) of a variety of growing insects.

These abstract details are intended to be read simultaneously as macro landscapes - perhaps even planetary in scale.

The great early microscopy pioneer Robert Hooke, noted that:

"there may be as much curiosity of contrivance and structure in every one of these Pearls [of a fly's compound eye], as in the eye of a Whale or Elephant, and the Almighty's fiat could as easily cause the existence of the one as the other...

It being a general rule in Nature's proceedings, that where she begins to display any excellency, if the subject be further search'd into, it will manifest, that there is not less curiosity in those parts which our single eye cannot reach, then in those which are more obvious."
Micrographia, 1665