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Great White Pelican
Graphite on Paper
Approx 42x59cm (unframed)

This drawing is part of the Invasive Species of London series.

The Great White Pelican isn't really an invasive species at all of course, but it is non-native, and what's not to like about this brilliant imported bird? This particular pelican, 'Tiffany', can now be found amongst the semi-wild colony found in St James's Park, just around the corner from Buckingham Palace. This drawing merges a study of this striking bird, with a map of the Royal Parks area, as it was c1830.

The pelican was a gift from the City of Prague, helping to continue a tradition that stretches back some 350 years.

The first pelican found in the Royal Parks was a gift from the Russian Ambassador to King Charles II in 1664.

Pelicans have the second largest wingspan of any bird (after the albatross), and can eat 2kg of fish a day.